Three Things Thursday

1st Run:  I went on my first post partum run yesterday and ROCKED it!  I haven’t run in close to 7 weeks now and was in dire need of a run after today’s potty training fails with Lil One.  When The Hubs got home from work I threw on some gear and headed out for a 5K.  The temp was really great—41* according to the bank thermometer along my run.  For late January in Rhodey, that’s pretty warm.  I had all the right gear on except my gloves!!  The pace felt comfortable for the first 2 miles.  By the 3rd mile things felt harder and I really felt laborer on my breathing and began to get discouraged—maybe because I was running an 8:48 mile!!!!!  WHAT?! 

When I finished I had an overall pace of a 9:00-mile for a time of 27:56.  Definitely NOT my fastest 5K, but I wasn’t trying to race it or go that fast.  I went out to run by feel and since I had turned all of my pace alerts off while I was pregnant, I had no idea how fast I was actually running.  I’m planning to turn my pace alerts back on so that I can slow down by about 15-30 seconds for a few weeks; I don’t want to risk injury coming back from time away.  My only complaint was my left knee was bugging me a bit—might be ITB in nature, but I’m pretty certain that it is related to my fall the day before I went into labor (more on that in another post).  So I’d say that my first run back was a success!

1-Month Well Baby:  This morning I am headed to the pediatrician for Baby Bro’s 1-month well baby visit.  I’m totally curious to see how big my little man is.  He was 6-lbs, 13-oz at birth (2-weeks early).  At a sick visit last week he weighed in at 8-7.  I was surprised by that because he looks much bigger, but when we compared it to Lil One’s 1-month he was only 1-ounce bigger.  I’m fully expecting him to be a ½-pound bigger than what she was for his official 1-month weigh in.  Today will also be my first solo trip out with two kiddos.  Please pray for me!

My First Feature:   I’m a member of Team Tough Chik (a dedicated post in the future).  TTC has received some pretty awesome sponsorship.  One sponsor just happens to be one of my favorite hydration companies—nuun!  When the sponsorship was announced, we Toughies began to share our love for nuun with each other.  I shared how I make ice cubes in addition to just drinking it.  Tough Chik sent me a message asking me if I could do a quick write up about my “nuun-cubes” for a feature on the TC blog!  How awesome is that?!  Head on over to check it out.  While you’re at it, be sure to check out both the Tough Chick and nuun websites, and also like them both on Facebook. 

Please note that I have made all nuun purchases on my own and my opinions are entirely my own.

Have you ever been surprised by your first run back after a break/time off from running?  I’d love to hear about it!

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