About Mumma

I’m Dani—a 32-year old wife, and mother of a 2-year old girl, Lil One, and a newborn boy, Baby Bro (both infertility success stories). With the exception of my time away at school, I’m a native Rhode Islander.

Life certainly hasn’t gone the way that I expected it to—and I can’t say that I’m upset by the direction it has taken. I always envisioned myself living in Washington,D.C. after completing school but circumstances led me back to New England where I met my husband. After we were married and started to try for a family, we were both surprised to find out that I had some medical issues that would lead us down the road of infertility treatments.

Finish liine at the Amica 1/2 marathon in Newport, RI at 28-weeks pregnant with Baby Bro. Best running buddies ever ran it with me!

Not having control of events in my life during fertility treatments had me frustrated. My goal upon having Lil One was to regain some control and I began to focus on running. Initially, I set out to run a half marathon and early in 2010 I completed that goal (01:57:04) but I found that running was becoming a passion of mine. While helping a running buddy train for her first marathon I found myself up to 17 and 18-mile runs. She pressed me to change my registration from the 2010 Philadelphia Half Marathon to the full 26.2; after some initial resistance I made the leap.  Two marathons, multiple half marathons, and many miles later I now consider myself a “runner.”

After successfully running through 35 out of my 38-weeks of my second pregnancy (with lots of support from my husband, running buddies, and of course my OB/GYN), now that my son has been born, I am focusing my efforts on expanding the healthy lifestyle changes that I made with my husband—this year’s goal: go organic, where possible, eat clean, and be more of a steward to our land—a positive role model for my children.

In addition to running I have MANY interests—cooking, baking, sewing, crafting, and photography to name a few. I somehow find the time to fit it all in between working fulltime and spending quality time with my family. While I’ve made great strides on my way to a healthy lifestyle with my family in mind, I ultimately have to say I’ve done this (and am working on it) for no one other than myself. I believe that if you don’t take care of yourself and make yourself and your own wellbeing a priority, how can you expect to take care of your family and be positive role models for your children? My hope is that my children will learn a few things along the way from me and maybe, decide to follow in my shoes in some regard.

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